The Best Dry Cleaners Las Vegas of Nevada is going to be the First beyond green – say goodbye to hazardous dry cleaning chemicals, say hello to Thunderbird Cleaners. Thunderbird Cleaners is a top-rated dry cleaner here in Las Vegas. We focus on providing you with dependable dry cleaning services tailored to meet your unique needs.


This way, we’ll give your fabrics that perfect clean free from chemical odors which is common in most dry cleaners.
Better still, with Thunderbird Cleaners, we guarantee to return fabrics free from fading, shrinking, staining, and more. You will love the new, fresh look on your clothes every time you bring them to our dry cleaner.

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At Thunderbird Cleaners, we offer a wide range of services that include:

  • Dry Cleaning
  • Pick-up and delivery services from home or office
  • Alterations
  • Household Cleaning
  • Wedding Dress Cleaning
  • And More
    There is no limit to the services you can get every time you come to our dry cleaner. And better still, you don’t really have to come as we’ll bring the services to your doorstep, thanks to the pickup and delivery services.
    To find out more about our top-of-the-range dry cleaners services, give us a call now or send us a message. You’ll be glad you did!


Amazing Discounts

At Thunderbird Cleaners, you’ll enjoy amazing discounts from the moment you drop in for the first time.
Here is a breakdown of the available discounts:

• 30% discount for first-time customers
• 10% discount for Veteran Police Officers, school teachers, firefighters first responders, and all law enforcement agents.

PLEASE NOTE: These discounts ONLY apply on DROP OFFs

Same Day Services

If you can drop off your clothes by 9 am, you’ll be able to pick them up by 4pm.

Simple, Straight-Forward Pricing

One of the key aspects that make our dry cleaner stand out is our affordable services. You won’t find a dry cleaner in the area that offers more excellent services at a better price than we do.

Wholesale Prices for Commercial Clients

For all our commercial clients, we offer wholesale prices that will allow you to clean more for less. You can request for more details regarding our wholesale dry cleaner pricing by filling in the contact form or give us a call.

SERVICES | Dry Cleaner Services


Dry Cleaning

When you bring your garment to us, we handle it with utmost care in every process. Our experts will use state-of-the-art technology that will leave your clothes smelling fresh, neat, and looking as good as new.
Whether you want us to clean your evening wear, office wears or even your casual favorites, our dry cleaner is your perfect choice. And we don’t just stop at dry cleaning, our dry cleaner experts will expertly finish each garment so we bring back a perfect clean fabric.
If you need to wear your dress the next day, we have you covered! All you need is to drop off your items before 9 am and by 4 pm, you can pick your perfectly clean fabrics.

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Commercial Dry Cleaner

Do you own a hotel, coffee shop, or any other business in Las Vegas? Well, we understand how hard you need to work to make your clients comfortable.
This is why we offer wholesale dry cleaner services to business owners in all of Las Vegas. Our friendly staff will pick up your beddings, napkins, towels, table cloths, among others and give them a perfect clean.
And after cleaning, we’ll deliver the items to your premises which will save you time and resources. Better still, we offer discounted prices for our wholesale clients so you can clean more and save more.
Like all our clients, you’ll make your customers happy and in return, keep them coming back for more!

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Pick Up and Delivery

At Thunderbird Cleaners, our experts go out of our way to provide convenient services for our clients. Our friendly staff will pick up your laundry and deliver the fabrics to you after cleaning.
Whether you require weekly or monthly dry cleaner services, we’ll be there to pick your items and bring them back to you.
For more details regarding our pick up and delivery, fill out the contact form below or give us a call.

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Do you have a sweater, hoodie or a dress that you want to be altered? The alteration experts at Thunderbird Cleaners will handle it all.
Regardless of the fabric, our experts will give it a perfect alteration that meets your specifications. And after the alterations, our dry cleaners will clean your fabric to make it even more beautiful.

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Household Cleaning

Thunderbird Cleaners have years of experience and deep knowledge in every dry cleaning aspect. With this, we can provide exceptional cleaning solutions that will get rid of all dirt, dust, and bugs.
And while doing this, our dry cleaner will ensure that your garments will never lose their vibrancy even with continued use. Whether you want us to clean your comforters, blankets, linens or pillowcases, our dry cleaner will handle it.
With Thunderbird Cleaners, you don’t have to endure dirty, sweat-smelling beddings or other household items for that matter. Better still, you don’t have to lift a finger to keep your household items clean!
Our friendly staff will come over, pick the items you need us to clean and bring them to the dry cleaner. Later after cleaning, we’ll deliver fresh, clean items to your premises.

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Wedding Dress Cleaning

After your wedding, one of the constant reminders of your big day is your wedding dress. This is why the experts here at Thunderbird Cleaners offer unmatched wedding dress cleaning services.
When you come to us, our experts will professionally clean your wedding gown, restore the seams, and restore every embellishment. And we don’t just stop at that, our dry cleaner will then pack the wedding dress in a premium pack. You will love showing your blemish-free wedding dress to your generations, years after your wedding.

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I’ve always been a fan of this place because of the reasonable pricing. Ever since ownership change (about 1 yr ago?), the service has been fantastic. The morning shift lady before ownership change was not my favorite and a bit relieved that she wasn’t there anymore. Now, I think the owner helps me each time in the morning, and the afternoon pick up lady is my favorite. They both are so warm and friendly. Thunderbird dry cleaner are also very honest because we accidentally counted one piece too many during drop off and they gave me credit for next time to use. Thunderbird may not be your fancy Fazio’s, but they are great mom pop shop. SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESSES!
Michelle Wong
Marine I just learned doesn’t own this business. She works from opening to closing, has the best customer service skills I have seen in a long time. The owner just opened a drive through and now expects this one person to do it all. He needs to pay her more and hire another person so she doesn’t have to work so hard. She is a huge reason this business is so successful.
Barbo Culbersonbarbo33
In by 0900, done by 1600. $2 per garment. Great price, fast service, never had a problem with this company. Friendly service as well.
Marc Rasmussen
Family owned. Super sweet. I am getting my clothes tailored there as well!
Laura Hoffman
Great, honest people, even better work. Been going here for many years, never had a issue.
Ronald Pecora
Family owned and operated same day service. All work done on premises . Friendly staff reasonable prices . My clothes are clean and crisp.
Jorge Lezcano
Great place I’ve been a customer for 6 years.
Edward Samadani
Great business.
Jason Anderson
Awesome Service!
Eddie H.
Dry Cleaner


Do you need more information about our dry cleaning services? Or maybe you need to schedule your pick up and drop off for your clothing?
Thunderbird Cleaners is your go-to dry cleaner whether you are an individual or a business owner in Las Vegas. We offer customized services that will meet your needs and keep your clothes smelling fresh and looking as good as new.
And while doing this, our dry cleaner offers amazing discounts that will help you save more and clean more. Whether you are a new customer or a regular, we guarantee dry cleaner services that will exceed your expectations.
For more details about our dry cleaning services, please send us a message using the contact form below. You can also give us a call and as always, we’ll be at your service.